Elle Varner: ‘Conversational Lush’ (Free Listen and Download)

 Elle Varner: 'Conversational Lush' (Free Listen and Download)

Elle Varner‘s voice is such a breath of fresh air in a time when pop reigns supreme among our favorite singers.  Varner gave us a sneak peek into her style with songs like “Refill” and “Only Wanna Give it To You” feat J. Cole that had us waiting on pins and needles for a complete collection.

Varner’s Conversational Lush is a project that has gained the same momentum as many albums from mainstream artists, however, Elle’s project is available for free online on one of the most popular independent mixtape sources online, datpiff.com. But to chalk this up as an ordinary mixtape would be a disservice to your ears.

Her impressive lyricism is simple to understand, and her musical compositions bring meaning back to words like “Chorus”and “Harmony.” The emotions she describes in her song can relate to any young woman, regardless of race, class or style.

It’s obvious that Varner has not only had professional training to help sculpt her as an artist, but her parents who are talented artists themselves, have helped cultivate her musical palate. Conversational Lush pulls sounds from various genres like rock, funk, soul and jazz, but only in a way that Varner could create.

Varner makes the negative things in life, such as a bad relationship, or a horrible day, sound so good.  Songs like “WTF,” “Runaway” and “Refill” are perfect examples of her work in this capacity.

“Feel Like A Woman” and “Go” represent the sweet, loving side of Varner, and songs like “So Fly” and “32 Flavors” touch on female empowerment.

Conversational Lush is the perfect title for this project.

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