Joseline said she is a b---- and is proud to be one.

Cleta of Akron, Ohio: “I’m only speaking for myself. I find it highly offensive, especially when a man calls a woman the “b” word. I’ve heard men say, they use that word as a ‘term of endearment’…… Huh? Like, “my b—-” means he’s claiming his woman, and that she should feel appreciated??? How confused are you?? Call me a “B”……oh, it’s on and poppin”!!!!

Andrea of Atlanta: A bitch is a female dog, just in case some of these ignorant folks don’t know. When referring to a woman by that word, it is highly offensive no matter who says it! I hear women, calling their female friends the “B” word, like it’s cool! NOT! LUDICROUS, ASININE & OUTLANDISH! IT’S A MATTER OF RESPECT & A SENSE WHO YOU ARE, WHETHER OR NOT YOU EVEN RESPOND TO THE “B” OR “H” ( which should really be “W”. IJS) WORD. I NEVER WOULD!

Saja of Gross Pointe, Mich.: “It’s Vulgar.”

Terry Shropshire

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