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Actor Robert Connor Says Acting Is a Collaborative Art Form

Full given name: Robert John Connor

Current Project: Studio 11 Films’ Rhythm, an 11 Eleven 11 Project

Where you were born/where you were raised: Pittsburgh

Zodiac Sign: Gemini 

Why did you take this role?
I was honored to be asked to participate as an actor in one of the 11Eleven11 film projects. I support Sharon [Tomlinson] and Mel [Jackson] and all the filmmakers creating new and creative works.

Did you have any particular mentors or inspirations as a young actor?
My acting teacher was Lamar Alford, who was the original Lamar in Godspell on Broadway. He was brilliant and insane in the same breath. He always provoked me to find truth in everything I did as an actor.

The one movie – attended  that you will never forget: Silence of the Lambs

Your personal acting idols: Jeffrey Wright, Viola Davis, Glenn Close, Carol Mitchell-Leon

Last good movie you saw: American Violet

Some films you consider classics: Sounder, The Color Purple, Cooley High, Seven, The Usual Suspects, Psycho

Performer you would drop everything to go see: If he were alive, Donny Hathaway

Pop culture guilty pleasure Facebook

Favorite cities: Atlanta, New York, L.A., Honolulu

First CD/Tape/LP you owned: Luther Vandross’ “Never Too Much”

Moment you knew you wanted to perform for a living:
I was cast as the lead in my 8th grade production of Bye Bye Birdie. I remember the feeling I got from the response of my singing and acting and I realized that this is what I wanted to do.

Worst flubbed line/missed cue/onstage mishap:
I missed an entrance in a graduate school production and the rest of the actors had to ad lib and move on. I was devastated. I hated leaving the cast in that kind of peril. Acting is such a collaborative art form.

Most challenging role you have played: An abusive husband

Worst job you ever had: Working at Staples

Career you would want if not a performer: I am also a director, producer and writer.

Three things you can’t live without: The love of my wife and daughter, the Internet and good food