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Worse Than Chad? Celebs With the Wildest Domestic Violence Accusations


Bizarre Celebrity Domestic Violence Accusations 

When reports surface that some of our favorite celebs get into physical altercations it makes for headlines and photos that the public scrambles to see. When that altercation involves said celeb’s significant other, however, it makes the situation all the more scandalous and even more wide eyed gawking ensues. The latest to be placed in the celebrity fishbowl is Chad Johnson whose head butt to the face of Evelyn Lozada has his fans in an uproar. And while we wait for more details on the incident, we can recall just a few more celebs who were at the center of some of the most bizarre domestic abuse controversies. One involves a nasty racist rant, another involves a statue to the head and another involves a cookie. Check out a few of the craziest domestic violence accusations below.

–danielle canada

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