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Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist Micah McDonald Shares Tips While Styling Actress Tika Sumpter

Celebrity wardrobe stylist Micah McDonald is a beast. At least that was my impression shortly after we wrapped our cover shoot with the beautiful Tika Sumpter. Every idea brought to the table, McDonald was able to bring it to life, while personalizing it to speak directly to the essence of who Sumpter is as a woman. While on set, rolling out got a chance to sit down with McDonald to gain more insight into the looks for the day.

Check it out. 


Describe the looks that you are using for today’s shoot.

So today’s looks are really just an intimate look at Tika. We wanted to make it feel as though she was just around the house as the girl next door. We wanted her to represent the girl that you can just hang with and have fun with. I’ve gotten to know her, and she really is that girl. So everything that was used today was very nice, natural and effortless to fit her personality.

What are some of your favorite brands to pull when working with this celebrity?

Some of my favorite brands that I love to pull for women are Stella McCartney and Jason Woo. I think that they are very feminine with clean lines … and they are very figure conscious. They also photograph well on the red carpet and in magazines, and just look really great.

What are some of the challenges that you face when shooting magazine covers?

Some of the challenges when working with a magazine is trying to use clothes from as many of the magazine’s advertisers as possible.  So that’s a challenge, because it’s important to do that while still keeping a direct focus on the magazine story. I think that all editorial shoots should tell a story, and the challenge when you get on set is that there are so many looks that you want to pull off. But you have to remember to narrow things down and keep the storyline consistent.

Stay tuned for more fashion tips from celebrity stylist Micah McDonald.