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Jada Pinkett Smith: The Black Millionaire Blueprint for Success

Is there another woman in Hollywood who enjoys more universal love and admiration than Jada Pinkett Smith? The beautiful starlet, actress, producer, entrepreneur, fashion designer, author, songwriter and singer, Pinkett Smith is the backbone and foundation of a Smith family entertainment dynasty that continues to shatter barriers and carve out spaces in previously uncharted territory. To boot, she emits a regal glow and aura that is so powerful, she has not been swallowed up in the gargantuan shadow cast by her megastar husband, Will Smith, one of the biggest box office attractions in the history of Hollywood. She has reared children who have gone on to create chart-topping hits in the movies and music, all while producing and starring in hit movies and television shows of her own creation.

She has accrued significant cultural cachet, fame and fortune organically without prostituting her principles or sacrificing part of her soul in order to achieve her career goals. She is a true model for young girls looking for direction on how to make it in this business and in life.

Without question, Pinkett Smith is that woman. Take a quick look back at Pinkett Smith’s life with the assistance of

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