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Jenny McCarthy, NFL Star Brian Urlacher Split: Other Shocking Celebrity Romances

Tom Cruise and Cher back in the 1980s

One of the most feared and prolific linebackers in the history of the National Football League, Brian Urlacher paired up with the light-headed, over-the-hill, serial Playboy bunny Jenny McCarthy. It seemed like the weirdest of romantic interludes. Yet, as we scan the past couple of decades in Hollywood, you will find some really shocking hookups among the rich and famous.

So, in honor of the six-month relationship between Urlacher and McCarthy, rolling out scoured the matchmaking terrain for more wacky couples.

Here are ours and’s compilation of other shocking celebrity romances.

Brian Urlacher, a sure-fire, first-ballot Hall of Famer, and Jenny McCarthy, a Playboy alum

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