Thomas Dexter Jakes was born in South Charleston, W. Va., just outside the capitol city of Charleston, on June 9, 1957 to Ernest Jakes, Sr., a janitor and businessman, and Odith, an educator. It is clear that Jakes’ enormous success in many business platforms as well as being able to teach the word of God is practically a hereditary trait from his parentage.

Jakes’ destiny was apparent to all around him early on in life. He was known in his South Charleston stomps as “the Bible boy,” states. And he would prevail upon his “calling” despite the fact that he was told he would never be able to preach because of his “bad” lisp.

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    What’s with the ‘prosperity gospel’? I don’t believe God wants us to live in poverty on earth, but I thought preachers were supposed to be more concerned with the wealth of our souls than with our earthly riches.