‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Best Moments of the Season Finale

Erica ends Her Relationship With Scrappy

As Erica is settling into her new home, she calls Scrappy over and tells him that they should just remain “cool” and focus on co-parenting their daughter. “As far as trust and loyalty, I can’t get that from you,” said Erica. Though Scrappy disagrees, he admits that he was wild and that he genuinely wanted a “family unit,” and he apologizes for hurting her. Later on, Scrappy meets with his “best friend,” Shay, who he’s apparently been ducking for a week while trying to get back with Erica. He tells Shay about everything that’s happened with Erica and Shay is visibly hurt as she explains that Scrappy’s been deceitful and that her “little feelings” are hurt.


Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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