‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Best Moments of the Season Finale

Benzino Doesn’t Pop The Question

For weeks, Benzino has been contemplating popping the question to Karlie and has even (foolishly) consulted Stevie about it. Despite their relationship troubles, Benzino finally decides to propose to Karlie. But when he spills his heart to her, she tells him she has doubts. Benzino then pulls out the ring and when he Karlie asks if he’s ready for marriage, he says he’s not. Benzino claims that Karlie “f—ked” up saying she has doubts and Karlie is furious as he breaks up with her.  “Why would you come and bring me a ring, and then you don’t even give it to me? Who does that?” However, Karlie wastes no time grieving as she’s already moved on to rapper Roscoe Dash, whom she had a flirtatious “business meeting” with earlier.


Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

I'm a lover of quirks and writing compelling pieces for my readers.

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