Lil Scrappy

Stevie’s “LAHHA” co-star and enemy, Stevie J, is no stranger to womanizing too. Throughout the show’s first season, Scrappy maintained a relationship with Erica Dixon while keeping his “best friend,” Shay “Buckeey” Johnson, on the side.


Nicholas Robinson

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  • Jazz

    Forbid? What, is she his property?

  • Kawana W.

    Men like Stevie J don’t want their woman to date outside of them because they are petrified that someone will come along and snatch that woman right from up under their nose. No man wants to lose power where he has it, and he has power with her. If another man came along and gave her some good dick like this man apparently is, he wouldn’t know what to do with his life but be more of the bitch that he is.

  • Tannisa Fairchild Thacker

    Lawd, I said I was going to stay out of these entertainer’s business today. But, girl you need to get some self esteem. He is not the only man on the planet