Life Coach Stacia Pierce Reveals Top Business Secrets for New Entrepreneurs

Life Coach Stacia Pierce Reveals Top Business Secrets for New Entrepreneurs

Award-winning life coach, motivational speaker and entrepreneur Stacia Pierce has made it her mission to inspire people from all walks of life and help them unleash their potential. She became a household name after rallying people to vote for her during the OWN Network online competition, landing in the top three with 7.6 million votes.

Here, the author of the best-seller Inspired to Succeed, shares six business secrets that every up-and-coming entrepreneur must know. –yvette caslin

  1. Set business goals and write them down. Setting goals will get you moving in the direction of your dreams. If you want to attract more success in your life, then you must follow the process of writing out your goals every single day. So, in the morning write down five goals, five things you want to accomplish. Also, keep an ongoing list of goals you want to accomplish in your business and your life. Look at the list often, because what you write down, you tend to focus on and you’ll draw those goals right into your life. This is all a part of the “Success Attraction” journaling process.

You can also use a goal card to attract one big thing into your life. Goal cards are small enough that you can tape them to your computer, your bathroom mirror, and refrigerator or anywhere you can frequently see it. My clients use goal cards to accelerate goal achievement. They are very popular as a part of my coaching method, so much so that we’ve been getting requests from others who have heard about how you can use the cards to speed up goal manifestation. So, I created some that are now offered to the public on my website.

  1. Success is intentional. Using the process of cutting and pasting faith photos and writing your goals down is a powerful way to be intentional. I have a product called the “Dream Book,” that is completely designed for you to storybook your own dream life. It comes pre-made with all the pages for every area of your life, including your business. All you have to do is add your pictures and your words to the different sections. When you start filling the book with your goals and dreams, you’ll see that you’ve created a personal life journal — your very own storybook that you can meditate on every day. The more you look through it and focus on what you’ve put in it; you’ll begin to see those things become your reality.

Having a picture portfolio of your ideal dream life is so important to keep before you because that’s what keeps you going and working on your business. Many people have used the “Dream Book” to up level their life and finally attract their true desires. I use the book all the time and I can truly say that I’m living a storybook life. This kind of simple offbeat concept can be transformational and change your life and your business.

  1. You need systems over tactics. It’s real important that you adapt a set of systems for running your life and your business instead of adopting a lot of different tactics. Tactics will have you trying every new method, every shortcut, or just anything to make a fast buck. It’s a trial and error way of running your business. With systems you have a proven process that you can use over and over again to get great results in your life and business. They help you create order, keep you growing, and yielding consistent results.
  1. As an entrepreneur, you should take quantum leaps. You should take big steps to achieve your dreams and goals, not just small baby steps. If you’re really going make it in business, break through some barriers and have the success you truly desire, then you have to make a decision to take a big leap. When most people take the leap and get a coach, they become empowered to truly step up in a big way in their business and life. I have clients who have [gone] from a book idea, to writing a book and publishing it and selling it online, then going on a book tour all within 30 to 60 days. This is what I mean by quantum leaps: stretching yourself, getting out of your comfort zone and even taking calculated risks. Extraordinary things happen when you decide to stop taking tiny baby steps and instead jump out there in a big way. Learn to be guided by your intuition or your hunches and act on them fast. When you let your inner voice guide you, you eliminate a lot of the risk. My biggest business deals all happened when I started following my hunches.
  1. Invest in yourself and in your success. Without investment, there’s no advancement … and it’s just simple as that. I’ve seen so many people struggle wanting so much in life and never get it because they’re not willing to spend what it takes to cause them to get the answers for increase.

At some point, you have to eliminate all excuses in order for your dreams and goals to become a reality. We make investments all the time on things that we want like a house, a car or even some smaller things like shoes or purses, or just a great party or an extravagant dinner. There’s always enough money to do whatever you want. When you want something bad enough you make a way, and when you don’t, you make excuses. So decide how bad do you want success, then make the right move and invest in it. When you do, you’ll see the success that you truly desire.

I suggest when you are ready to make an investment, get a plan and create a money-making idea list. This is where you write out 50 ways you can acquire the money you need to get what you want. Write the list without restrictions. Trust me. Just from making this list, you will find a way to get what you want. Opportunities will present themselves, doors will open and the money will come. One of my clients, Erin, wrote a list and in a few days received all the money needed to attend one of my workshops. I promise you this list making exercise works. It helps you to focus on getting an answer to your need. When you focus on answers, you’ll get answers.

  1. Get help. Hire a team as soon as you can, even if you can only add a virtual assistant at first. It’s not easy to do everything yourself. You need grinders in the startup stage. So, look for flexible optimistic people who are willing to work and grind with you.
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