Actress Aalyah Duncan Show-Stopper in ‘Biblical Principles’

Actress Aalyah Duncan Show-Stopper in 'Biblical Principles'
photo credit: Dru Phillips

If past performance is any indication of future success, then actress Aalyah Duncan has a brilliant future ahead of her. Duncan, who recently performed Atlanta’s Fox Theatre starring in Ty Martin’s stage production of Biblical Principles, the much anticipated play written by Dr. Beverly Lucier , is a highly respected veteran of the arts who by all accounts, is innately creative on every level.

Duncan who began her acting career studying and at Atlanta’s Alliance Theater is a native of Philadelphia. She scored big with her stage debut in the critically acclaimed production Lord Why Me? The provocative play which was also  produced, written, and directed by playwright TY Martin is an honest, and unflinching look at the causes and effects of domestic violence.

Duncan continues to make an impact in the acting industry. She has recently starred in the independent film Greyhound Therapy, directed by Stephen Oakey. The multi-talented ingenue, also earned two degrees in music, providing services as a violin instructor and a consultant for various events.

Duncan spoke with rolling out following the Aug. 12 premier of Biblical Principles.

Tell us about your role in Biblical Principles?

Carol Frazier is the 17-year-old middle daughter of a Christian family. She is a troubled teenager trying to figure out what her place in the world is. She knows she comes from a religious background, but at the same time she wants to be involved in worldly affairs. Ans so that’s the dichotomy, the dilemma and you see her really battling with that … and that’s what makes her so relatable for so many teenagers.

What attracted you to Biblical Principles, a spiritually based play?

I like that theme … the spirit reminding you that you have to tap into your faith. And what I mean by faith is not so much as in church or in a religious aspect, but faith in a spiritual aspect where you can really look within and find your answer and find your source there. … I really believe that if more people did look within and had a spiritual conversation with the Creator, a lot of things would work themselves out.

What’s next for you, Aalyah?

I am preparing for some upcoming auditions, and I have another exciting film project coming up that I can’t share the details of right now. But when I can I will keep you posted ,

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