Tameka Raymond Blasted by Usher Fans After Losing Custody Battle

Tameka Tormented by Usher Fans Online

After losing a nasty custody battle that played out in both family court and the court of public opinion, Tameka Raymond is being attacked online. As previously reported the mother of Usher’s two young sons lost primary custody of her children Friday. The ruling came just weeks after she buried her 11-year-old son who was fatally injured in a Jet Ski accident. Since then, Tameka’s found herself at the center of harsh criticism from Usher fans fiercely supportive of the superstar. After writing a few cryptic tweets online about the situation, Tweeters seemingly exploded with hate. “Change your last name and get your life together. Quit holding on and bashing people you look CRAZY!,” wrote a fan of the singer. “Bye you basic b—-! Usher won! Remember it’s Tameka Foster not Raymond! You’re a worthless soul!”, chimed in another.

Other attacks were much more vicious including one that read: “This is what you wanted! Make the bed and have a seat @TamekaRaymond. You f—- Ush, married him and got two babies. Now go away!”

In particular a user under the handle “@GodKilledYourKid” tormented the mother online with gibes about the death of her son. “God killed your child because you refuse to obey,” wrote the user. “Pure evil/ you crazy b—-.” The account has since been terminated.

By contrast, a few people have sided with Raymond, a #TeamTameka hashtag was recently started online.

Check out the tweets Tameka wrote that sparked a small uproar from Team Usher below. -danielle canada 


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