Joseline Hernandez’s Nude Video Leaks

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez is no stranger to, ahem, taking off her clothes for the camera – or a crowded room full of men and women and their fistfuls of “Benjamins.” But the aspiring singer, who’s claimed she’ll never go back to the strip club, was recently thrust into the world of porn when a nude video of her was leaked online.

The video, which shows Hernandez pleasuring herself on-screen, was reportedly filmed before she became reality TV’s newest breakout star as the infamous mistress of music producer Stevie J.

And though many fans have claimed that Hernandez was actually born a man and transitioned into a woman, the video proves that Hernandez all of the “plumbing” of a biological woman.

Well, after you take an awkward pause to let that bit of info soak in you can watch the full video here. And check out some other stars who have let it all hang in the world of porn. –nicholas robinson


Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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