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Entertainment » Actress Krishawn Peace Says ‘Sparkle’ a Phenomenal Experience

Actress Krishawn Peace Says ‘Sparkle’ a Phenomenal Experience

Detroit has long been known for it’s culture of invention and reinvention across industries — the obvious — auto manufacturing which earned it the Motor City moniker, and music which gave rise to the legendary Motown sound. And despite reports to the contrary, the springwell of homegrown talent is thriving and exposing a new crop of creatives — in the film industry.

With all of the buzz surrounding the movie Sparkle, Detroit and it’s resilient residents are back in the spotlight. Sparkle cast member Krishawn Peace was recently spotted enjoying a picture perfect Saturday afternoon at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American history, so rolling out staff took the opportunity to talk with her about the movie and her future. -roz edward

How was it working on Sparkle?
It was amazing I was up to be the stand-in for Jordin Sparks but I was in Las Vegas covering a radio show for the Ad Hoc event so I missed the casting. … But I [was on the set] and the casting director Winsome Sinclair saw me and told me she needed me for a role. … So it kind of happened by accident, but I got the church girl role. I was really excited to be involved, but not just excited about being in the movie, it was about working with Whitney Houston, Jordin Sparks, Derek Luke … and even T.D. Jakes was on set. It was phenomenal.

What is it that you enjoy most about your craft?
Being able to go deep inside and use some of the events that have actually happened in my life, as well as being able to bring those emotions up and out and to life through roles and appearances. For example, when I was growing up my father never lived with me. So sometimes I draw on how it feels to be that little girl that missed her dad and wished she had that protector in her life …  The other thing is that in my recurring role on ‘Detroit 187’ I got to work for about seven consecutive months and that was great.

What’s next for you?
I have something coming out with Tyler Perry, It’s called Alex Croft and I play a child protective services agent. I got to work closely with Tyler Perry and that was an awesome experience. He kept the cast and crew laughing the whole time, even though he wasn’t Madea.