Atlanta Pastor Arrested for Spreading HIV Virus to Congregation?

Pastor Accused 0f Exposing Congregants to HIV Virus

In a city that’s seen its share of controversy surrounding clergy, a new story is circulating online about an Atlanta pastor that not only slept with members of his congregation, but infected them with the HIV virus.

An e-mail sent to is said to be from a woman named Ronita McAfee, a member of Full Gospel Baptist Church. The woman claims that she engaged in an illicit affair with her church leader, Pastor Craig Lamar Davis, who later turned out to be HIV positive. According to McAfee, she and Davis had sexual encounters in an abandoned home, oftentimes unprotected. After detailing an encounter where the clergyman was acting strangely, McAffee told the blog that he informed her that one of his ex-girlfriends recently tested positive for HIV and advised her to get tested. McAfee tested negative for the disease but later found out that a second woman, also a member of the church, tested positive.

While some people are doubting the validity of the story, the blogger who wrote the piece (@WilliamGMcCray) claims to have quotes from the pastor himself and even made mention of a July arrest, which is absolutely true. According to public records, Pastor Davis was arrested on July 22 on two counts of reckless conduct. He was released two days later on $1,500 bond. McCray quotes the pastor as saying in an explosive phone conversation, “I have never f—– no boys. Be sure to say that any man that comes to court or claims I infected them with HIV is a damn lie and I will see about them.” Davis is said to have been removed from his position at Full Gospel.

More on this bizarre story can be found here. -danielle canada

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