Mimi Faust Blasts Critics in Angry Rant Video


Mimi Faust Slams Critics, “All Y’all B—- Been Cheated On!”

If you thought Oluremi ‘Mimi’ Faust was ‘weak’ for trying to continue her on-again off-again relationship with Stevie J on ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,’ then  the obviously perturbed business owner has a message for you. “F— all y’all b—-!” says Faust in a recently released Youtube video. The footage which was taped Monday, Aug. 26 after the show’s reunion special, features an angry Faust ranting at Jermaine Dupri’s Atlanta studio. While talking to Dupri as well as producer Bryan Michael Cox, Faust looks directly into the camera and explodes. “All you motherf—— b—— talking s— about my situation, get the f— outta here,” says Faust. “You act like I’m the only b—- that’s been cheated on, all you motherf—– b—– been cheated on. All y’all!”

After being questioned by both B. Cox and Dupri who ask her details about her relationship with J, Mimi rants some more, this time with a special message to all the different types of women who have been criticizing her situation. “Fat b—-, skinny b—-, model b—-, […] all you motherf—-, get the f— outta here. Don’t act! My s— was just on tv and I was real about my s—.”

Since the rant has gone viral, Mimi’s been blasted by angry fans. “You fake @ MimiFaust!, wrote one fan online. “Nearly 40 acting like you 18. Pack it up!” “Can someone pour bleach in @MimiFaust cereal?” chimed in another.

In addition to criticism from fans, Faust is now being called out on Power 105 FM’s ‘The Breakfast Club’ who dubbed her their ‘Donkey of  the Day’ early Wednesday morning.

It’s interesting to see Faust so angry at outsiders, when she should probably just be mad at herself. Faust was recently spotted in L.A. with her unfaithful beau of over a decade who joked about his relationship with both her and Joseline Hernandez right in front of her.

Check out Mimi’s rant below. Warranted or should the reality starlet calm down? -danielle canada

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