Mitt Romney Slogan Very Similar to KKK Message Against Minorities

Mitt Romney Slogan Very Similar to KKK Message Against Minorities

When the Ku Klux Klan adopted the slogan “Keep America American” back in the 1920s, the Washington Post reports, it was to rally Anglo-Saxon Caucasians against black Americans, gay people, Catholics and Jews. Now Mitt Romney has adopted a slogan that, nearly one hundred years later, sounds eerily similar to the KKK’s.

Romney, as reported in the Los Angeles Times, said that as president that he pledges to “’Keep America America’ with the principles that made us the greatest nation on earth.”

Question is, what does Romney mean when he says “keep America America”? And to whom or what was Romney implying as not being “America”?

As beloved President Franklin D. Roosevelt once famously said, “nothing in politics happens by accident.” If we are to use FDR’s words as a benchmark, then the Romney campaign team purposely used this phrase for a specific reason and to accomplish a particular goal. Was it to further imply that Obama and Mexican immigrants are not truly Americans?

Mitt Romney Slogan Very Similar to KKK Message Against Minorities
President Obama laughs heartily at yet another question about his birthplace

We already know that Romney said before his supporters in his Michigan hometown that they know where he was born, which incited a thunderous applause and cheers from the nearly all-white fan base. So is this slogan another subtle and sinister swipe at Obama, who has been hounded relentlessly by birthers who claim that Obama was born in another nation, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary?

And check this out: Long before the KKK picked up the slogan “Keep America American,” it was used in the 1850s by members of the “Know Nothing Party,” the Post states, which was an anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic nativist party. Interesting. So that means that this slogan, or variations of it, has never been a positive phrase as far as minorities have been concerned. Perhaps there is reason to be concerned if you are a non-white citizen or even an illegal immigrant living in America.

So what do you think about Romney’s campaign slogan?

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