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Reactions to Oprah’s ‘LifeClass’: ‘Why Women Do Terrible Things to Each Other’

Oprah’s “LifeClass” with master instructor Iyanla Vanzant. Vanzant discussed the topic: Why Women Do Terrible Things to Each Other, on a recent show.

Over the weekend, Oprah’s “LifeClass” (OWN network), addressed the root cause of the hateration that exists among some women. Envy, lies, and betrayal are among the culprits that divide women, “LifeClass” master instructor Iyanla Vanzant revealed on Sunday’s groundbreaking show.

After Oprah’s LifeClass, rolling out asked our female Facebook friends to voice their experiences with other women. Here’s what they had to say.

Do you feel that black women support one another? Why or why not?



For the most part, obviously not! Out of all races-ethnicities I must say that black women clown and criticize each other the most. I don’t know maybe it’s because how many of us are raised overall, that underneath the “strong black woman” standard, we tend to gain pride so strong that we look down on others.


I feel certain black women support each other; the most supportive ones usually seem to be older women of the older adult age (36+) and maybe a few younger women in the (undergraduate) college age range.

For some younger women, I think they fall into the idea of how media portray us, (black women backstabbing each other, fighting on television reality shows) and think that these actions are ok. Some haven’t been taught or had an older influence to let them know how to conduct themselves or treat others.



I do believe that women in general regardless of color do support one another. Women support one another in many avenues of life and before, through and after many of life’s experiences.

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