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Culture » Cheat-Proof Your Marriage With New Sexual Positions: Video!

Cheat-Proof Your Marriage With New Sexual Positions: Video!

A boring sex life can lead to a straying partner. (Posed by professional models).

Are you a missionary man? Or, ladies do you remain comatose while making love? If the answer is yes, you need to ban the boredom from your bedroom.

Boring sex is just one reason that a partner will step out of the relationship, and that’s why a Chicago-area couple invented Sex Scene Ice Cream.

“With respect to sexual positions, we tell people that there are a total of 26 different sexual positions under the lid (and they are not of me and my husband),” says Latrice Mobley Smith.

Lovers have at least 26 sexual positions to choose from if they flip the lid and follow the instructions: Open. Imitate. Eat. and Repeat.

Latrice, (a college professor), and her husband of ten years Irvin Smith, a trucker, invented the product Sex Scene Ice Cream to help committed couples become more intimate.

“We were thinking about a product for couples to enjoy themselves and to participate with,” Irvin Smith told rolling out.

It goes without saying that lovers are having a ball while practicing the delicious positionsl. “When you open up the lid, there’s a sexual position inside,” Latrice says. “The higher the number, the more complex the situation becomes; however they can rest assured that all of the positions have been tested and approved-by the Smiths!”

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