President Obama’s 2008 Election Inspires College Grad to Start Branding Agency

President Obama's 2008 Election Inspires College Grad to Start Branding Agency

Sobrasua E.M. Ibim Jr., aka Sobe, takes his role as visionary for Maximum Animation – a full-service branding and public relations firm – very seriously. His goal is for brands to not only “stick in the mind, but live in the heart” of consumers and he’s never been more passionate about helping them engage their target audience.  “The [advancements] in technology and the popularity of animation in the last few years [make this the best] creative medium to communicate a brand’s worth to its target audience,” he says.

A graduate of Georgia State University, Sobe has always aspired to study animation. And, it was the election of President Barack Obama in 2008 that inspired this young innovator to expand his vision and become an entrepreneur. Having been intimately involved in business conferences and seminars and seeking the guidance of Fortune 500 CEOs, Sobe knew that he could make “the impossible possible” and that “success is not what you accomplish alone, but what you make of yourself by making those around you successful as well.”

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Services: Maximum Animation helps visualize brands through animation. We bring brands to life by creating the feelings associated with having them to build brand loyalty so that they don’t just stick in the mind but live in the heart.

Clients: We’ve had the opportunity to work with Citizens Trust Bank and United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Our goal is to work with other companies whose brands cater to the multicultural market.

Staff: We currently have three members on our team: myself, an account manager and an administrative assistant. We collaborate with freelance animators, graphic designers, music producers and other up-and-coming talent who can provide fresh and exciting ways to meet project expectations. We currently have a strategic partnership with VMG, who provides excellent public relations, marketing and event planning.

What inspires your creativity?

Listening to everything from jazz to dubstep allows me to think outside the box. I listen to local musicians such as William Green and Meat Da Man. Traveling and surrounding myself with nature, one of my most important methods is working with others and actually listening to what others have to say and taking their ideas one step further.

What is your vision for MA?

Our vision for Maximum Animation is to distinguish ourselves as figureheads for multicultural branding using animation. It starts with truly understanding our clients’ needs and creating a solution that exceeds them. We aim to become the team companies look to for to move their brand to the max.

Why Animation?

Increases in technology have made animation a vital tool to communicate branding ideas effectively. We have the ability to integrate cartoon characters with live actors, alter reality using visual effects and create life-like images with the help of talented designers. It is the perfect medium to help visualize what print and video cannot do alone.

What sets you apart?

We treat each project as an experience rather than a process. In order to understand our clients’ needs, we build personal relationships with those involved. Next, we present our ideas to our clients in a real world experience to illustrate what we feel what makes the brand special. Finally, we work with other young, creative individuals to bridge the gap and bring brands to life. That’s the Maximum Animation experience!

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