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Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders » The Business Side of Glamour With Stylist Nikki Binion

The Business Side of Glamour With Stylist Nikki Binion

Nikki Binion, a licensed cosmetologist from Creative Hairstyling Academy, is an independent artist at Kanvas Salon & Spa II. Nikki is a hairstylist, a lash and brow specialist, and she has a passion for making the everyday client look and feel like a star. The Chicago-area glam tech talked to rolling out about the business side of glamour.

Hair style by Nikki Binion

How did you know that you were meant to be a stylist?

As I pre-teen I was always that kid attempting to do her own hair. But I appreciated that, at times, my mom let me try. Between trips to the salon I continued to maintain my own hairstyle. From there I went to college because I felt that would make my parents happy, but I was the young lady on the college campus with the undeclared major, with books in my hands and hair in my heart. Let’s just say I received my license in cosmetology before my bachelor’s degree.

Hair style by Nikki Binion

How do you use social media to spread awareness about your business?

Social media is the greatest asset to anyone with a business. It operates 24-7, and it’s free! I use it to share pictures, make the public aware of events and milestones within my career. I also share tips with my viewers. People like to feel like you are sharing with them and letting them know that you are human and that you are not just selling to them. My hopes are that with social media they get a little part of me that makes them want to actually come and interact with me and build a relationship.

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