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Lil Scrappy’s Love Song for His Fiancée, Erica Dixon


I’m all grown up, I got a woman at home,

she’s takin’ care of my daughter; no I won’t leave her alone,

see I was so far gone,

I couldn’t see her feelings,

But still headed for the TV, so you see how I’m living.

I went from that one, to this one, back to you again

I was searching for more, cuz I thought love wasn’t my friend.

But then I stepped back, and looked at all the shizznaaeeiiii,

and realized why you out here thinking i’m not trizznaaeeiing.

I’ll put them paws on em bruh, I ain’t playin’ around,

so instead of acting a clown, I just need to get down

on my knee

and tell you E-

R-I-C-A  D-I-X-O-N

I’m not tryna play no more games

I know I love you, and I need you

so forever we should stay together

I promise you my heart has never left ya.

Thank you for being an amazing woman in my life.

Take a look at pictures of Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon during their exclusive shoot for


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  2. tesha2001 on December 15, 2012 at 11:43 pm

    that is so sweet