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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: 5 Reasons Lil Scrappy Might Not Cheat

5 Reasons why Lil Scrappy May Not Cheat on Erica, photo DeWayne Rogers.

5 Reasons Why Lil’ Scrappy May Not Cheat on Erica

In the endless cycle of women who catered to Lil Scrappy — while they competed with one another — Lil Scrappy had no reason to straighten up and fly right. At the end of the day, Lil Scrappy got what he wanted because the women in his life allowed him to get it.

But that’s all in the past now. There’s a transformed Lil Scrappy on the scene, and we think that he’s ready to step up and embrace a fulfilling life of monogamy with Erica.

Here are five reasons why Lil’ Scrappy May Not Cheat on Erica.

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