Maui: The Road to Hanna, Waterfalls and Black Sand Beaches

Maui: The Road to Hanna, Waterfalls and Black Sand Beaches

Maui is a place with paradise as its brand identification. Spectacular views give life new meaning and newlyweds the best memories of where their love took flight. Sunrise moves in slow motion with a splendid fabrication of angelic tapestries that warm the soul by the very pink and baby blues that were once deep purples of yesterday’s night. The secret call of nature is to challenge the new prescription of love found in everything that you can see on Maui.

Maui’s rain forest on the road to Hanna has talking waterfalls that accept the wishes and prayers of their visitors. Couples and families place their dreams in the universal flowing memories, whose very presence lives forever after.

Neon Eucalyptus trees lined the road to Hanna. At first glance you are waiting for them to speak or open up an imaginary land à la JRR Tolkien or George RR Martin. Towering well beyond closed minds of what life is supposed to look like, Maui paints while you drive. Neon Eucalyptus trees majestically inspire the creation of family folklore and the ultimate lovers’ sanctuary.

Black sand beaches await your royal footprints. A photo from the black sand beach will amaze friends who will live an entire life without ever experiencing such natural beauty. Every photo from the black sand beach seems made by Hollywood but it’s made by God. Lovers holding vows and hands while being amazed at the variety of breath taking miracles transforming your facial future.

Maui has love growing on it naturally. It will be in bloom when you arrive so get ready to receive the gifts that will last a lifetime. The island has special places to kiss. The island gives you flowers every day. The trails leading to the twin falls are not easy to navigate, but once you get there, the reward is worth the effort. The road to Hanna is a long drive made for good conversations of shared goals and dreams. All of these opportunities that Maui gives are tools for creating a successful marriage or friendship.

Giving flowers makes the people we love happy, so remember to give them. Communicate so no one feels alone or unappreciated. Spend special time on a drive when you get home so you remember you are on a journey with a life partner.

The road to love is very special. Anything special will not be easy but you will be glad you traveled with someone you love to Maui.

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