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A New Yorker Recalls What Happened on This Date 11 Years Ago

It was like any other day at McClintock Middle School in Charlotte, N.C.

I was a sixth grader in class ready to get out. As my teacher was teaching class, my classmates and I couldn’t help but notice that she kept getting calls from the main office for students to leave school early. I did find it odd that after a while that almost half the class was gone. I couldn’t help but wonder why everyone was leaving school. That’s when finally my teacher got a call from the main office for me to leave school early. As I met with my mother in the main office she had a look of worry on her face that made me kind of worried. “Did somebody die?” I thought to myself.

As we got into the car, she told me what happened. Two planes crashed into the World Trade Center in New York and that we were on our way to get my younger brother. The thought of it seemed unreal to me. As we were on our way to get my brother, Charlotte just seemed on edge, and it started to get more real. Traffic everywhere, police everywhere, and everybody with their radio on it seemed trying to grasp what exactly happened.

As we got home, my whole family was on edge, because we are originally from New York, and a majority of our family lives in the city.

We were trying to get in touch with everybody to make sure they were okay. It was scary when we didn’t get through to them at first, but all we could do was pray.

The television seemed permanently stuck on CNN as they showed the tragic scene over and over again. That’s when it became more real for me.

When you’re eleven, you see this kind of stuff in movies, but to see it happen in real life is something you will never forget.

Eleven  years later, thinking about it, the memory seems like it was not too long ago.

I am thankful that all of my family members were okay, but I still feel sad for the people whose family members weren’t okay.

I am proud of my city of New York for still staying strong and moving forward after such an event.

Even though it was 11 years ago, we will keep on moving forward and cherishing everyday that we are blessed to have.

Even though it was 11 years ago, we will never forget what happened.