Jennifer Williams

“I did reach out to her just because when things like that happen, you just put all the other BS to the side. I wouldn’t want to see my worst enemy go through that. I was very distraught to hear that. I think everyone knows I was a big advocate against violence, regardless of whether it was domestic violence or whether it was women fighting.”


Nicholas Robinson

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  • SherriEtienne

    I really feel for the both of them. Her if its true and him if its not. However, something in that water is dry. Evelyn was waaaay too quick to capitalize for things to be that simple. Seems that there’s a little more to being “about this life” than we know.
    So watch, mark my words, Chad lost everything, but if he complies, he’ll get it all back at the expense of selling his soul and looking like he has lost his ever-loving mind i.e. Chris Freakin’ Brown and Kanye West!

  • thesouthizback

    You ain’t gotta like Nene or her ‘Attitude’ but if I were Evelyn, I would heed Nene’s advice right now. Because all Ev is doing right now is making herself look bad. She looks like an opportunist and just couldn’t wait to get a divorce once they got married. She has a history of doing so and if she even wants to remotely save face then she is going to have to ‘be quiet’. Take the advice Evelyn.