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Cities With the Best Job Growth

Gainesville, Fla.

The greatest and most devastating economic recession in 80 years impacted every single person, city and state in America. Some cities, regions and states had the foundation and infrastructure to rebound from the crash faster than others. The business and economic publication, 24/, provides a comprehensive outline of those metropolitan regions that, so far, are fairing the best in the nation in producing jobs.

If you are looking to pull up stakes in a dying or moribund city, you may want to take a look at these first.

Below are the cities with the best job growth between June 2009, near the peak of the recession, and June 2012.


10. Lafayette, La.

>Pct. increase of employed: 8.5 percent
>Increase in people employed: 11,032 (52nd highest)
>June 2009 unemployment rate: 6.3 percent (26th lowest)
>June 2012 unemployment rate: 6.2 percent (54th lowest)

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