Ludacris and Drake, Big Sean

Last year, Drake accused Ludacris of misusing the popular Supa Dupa punch line flow (aka Hashtag rapping) made famous by him and Big Sean. However, Ludacris fired back at the two emcees in the scathing diss track “Bada Boom,” claiming the style was around before any of them hit the scene. Sean replied that he wanted no beef with Luda, while Drake chose to remain silent about the diss.


Nicholas Robinson

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  • Elle Royal

    Dang X. u need 2 go underground for a while to see what’s up then come back with a new more mature approach to creating some music and getting business done. Does Drake have to include (carry) her former friends including you on this project or can he do it like we Americans like to do it, how we want? You seem more like a baby crying than a dog barking. Get hot again maybe he will include you on a project. I don’t know how big his balls are but I wouldn’t carry dead weight either. Trying to make a brother feel small and guilty aint a good way to do business. Try another approach to get back in the game. That negative energy aint going nowhere.