Black Women of the Church Smashing in Hats

Black Women of the Church Smashing in Hats
Shirely Milner in one of her favorite hats, a sherbet colored drop brim.

Black Women of the Church Make Hats Crowning Glory

Church ladies and matrons of the church  are icons of  African American culture. These are the women who set the standard for proper decorum and provide guidelines to live by.  Just consider their Sunday morning regiments, their regal appearances and stately comportment  — it says a lot about women who worship and the seriousness they attach to the undertaking.

But church attire has changed over the years and has become relatively lax since the days when I attended Sunday School. Women typically don’t wear the extravagant hats they were once noted for. In fact many no longer wear dresses to worship and some even go so far as casual wear and jeans. But if you are at the right service, probably Baptist, you can still spot some pretty terrific head dresses that give these women the “wow factor.” -roz edward

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