Chicago Teachers Continue to Strike: Mayor Takes Legal Action

Mayor Rahm Emanuel says the teachers strike was not necessary and was a “strike of choice.”

With that, Mayor Emanuel instructed the city’s corporation counsel and the general counsel of Chicago Public Schools to file an injunction in circuit court to end the strike.

David Vitale, Board of Education president, was not happy with the state of affairs.

“We are extremely disappointed that after 10 months of discussion, and reaching an honest and fair compromise, that the CTU has decided to continue their strike of choice and keep children out of the classroom,” Vitale said in a statement.

There is a safety net, of sorts, for Chicago’s youth, beginning today, CPS’s 147 “Children First” sites, and neighborhood organizations will provide full-day services for needy children until the end of the strike.

“While the CTU continues to delay ending their strike, we will do whatever is needed to support parents and children,” Vitale continued. “We all need to put our children first.”

Zondra Hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

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