New Topless Photos of Kate Middleton Published by Italian Magazine

New Topless Photos of Kate Middleton Published by Italian Magazine

Kate Middleton’s Topless Photos Published Again 

Even after a threat of legal action from the Royal Family, an Italian magazine has published even more topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge. As previously reported Kate Middleton and Prince William filed a lawsuit against Closer magazine this weekend after pictures of the Duchess sunbathing topless were published. Now however, they’re being met with defiance from Chi magazine, an Italian publication that’s now released a startling 50 pictures of Kate Middleton sans a blouse. “The Queen Is Nude” reads the headline for the 26-page section that features Middleton baring her breasts as she rubs suntan lotion on her royal hubby.

The magazine’s editor Alfonso Signorini is remaining aloof about the threat of a lawsuit and even tweeted Saturday that “not even a direct call from the Queen could stop him.” Before his message on the social network, Signorini released a statement saying, “I am convinced by this scoop that Chi will be publishing on Monday because that is what we are talking about. These pictures are not offensive or in poor taste, they are not morbid, and they do not damage the dignity of anyone. These pictures were taken while the couple were on a terrace and they were taken from a public place so there is no suggestion of an invasion of privacy.” The magazine claims to have a total of 200 pictures of Middleton and allege that some show her completely nude. No word yet on whether the Royals will throw a lawsuit Chi magazine’s way as well.

The new “The Queen Is Nude” photos are below. Did the mag have a right to defy the Royal Family and publish them? -danielle canada

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