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Prince’s and Oprah’s Afros: Celebrities With the Best Natural Looks


Prince, before he became famous

Let the debate begin:

Prince unveiled the new “baby ‘fro” — referred to as such by The Roots’ Questlove — along with some bright yellow pants and a black leather jacket while appearing on “The View.” The Purple Rain creator’s look while coincides with his usual avant-garde style. But how did Prince’s new millennium Afro look to you? And can it even compare to the Afro he used to rock back in the ’70s?

Oprah Winfrey also showcased her natural Afro on the cover of her self-titled magazine. It doesn’t take a genius to see that natural is back. But that doesn’t mean everyone looks good with the look.

Some folk come off looking like Julius Stiles in Pulp Fiction, which is not the most appealing look in the world, while others are able to capture that regal look, like Erykah Badu or Questlove. Below are the celebrities who have rocked the Afro or natural look the best.

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