Chris Brown Tests Positive for Drugs In Court

For years, Chris Brown has been slowly but surely rebuilding his damaged career in the wake of his assault against Rihanna in 2009. And though the singer has done a stellar job while on probation, his record has now been tarnished since he failed a court-ordered drug test.

According to TMZ, Brown was recently in court in Virginia, where he was fulfilling his court ordered community service, for a probation progress report hearing. Results from a drug test he took on June 18 showed that he had marijuana in his system.

Brown informed his parole officer that he smoked weed in California, where he has a prescription for medicinal marijuana. However, marijuana is illegal in Virginia, whether its prescribed or not.

Luckily for Brown, Judge Patricia Schnegg said that she didn’t order Brown to undergo mandatory drug testing, so she simply let him off with a stern warning.

Schnegg also ordered that Brown’s case be moved to California, where he now lives, and that Brown meet with his probation officer within 72 hours to sort out a discrepancy in community service hours.

Well, Brown certainly isn’t the only star who likes to indulge in marijuana. Check out some other famous weedheads below. – nicholas robinson


Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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