While shooting for our cover story, Matt and Gloria laugh, giggle and continuously exchange glances as though sharing a secret. To call it endearing would be an understatement. As though the irony gods themselves are watching when I sit down with Gloria, Tamia’s ballad “So Into You” is playing through the iPod speakers. She explains through beautifully painted red lips and a flutter of lashes, that she and Matt spent nearly a year apart, but ultimately grew closer.

“We took an eight-month hiatus,” she says. “Now that we’re back together, we’re mainly focused on becoming friends again and mainly parents too. We got into such a routine that we forgot to do all the lovey-dovey stuff like date nights.”

She adds that the break allowed her to gain the confidence to be more of herself around her man. Oh, and by the way Mr. Barnes, she thinks eggs are disgusting. “I grew so much over those eight months. Now I have to be like, ’Uh uh, I know I used to like that because you liked that … I said all that to be cute for you but I don’t like eggs mother—–!’ So now he’s really getting to know me. That’s fun.”

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