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Chicago Student Murders Roommates, Brags on Facebook

DeJuan Pratt

This is a shocking Chicago tale where the parts do not equal the sum, no matter how you add it up.

First part: Meet MBA student, DeJuan Pratt, 24.

Ohio native DeJuan Pratt graduated from Central State University with a degree in business administration and marketing, and is pursuing his master’s degree at Roosevelt University in Chicago. Pratt is employed by CJ National Funding, a grant underwriting company.

Pratt answered a Craigslist ad and moved in with his roommates, former Kankakee County Prosecutor Gary Brown, 64, and Chun Xiao Lee, 48.

As most upwardly mobile young professionals do, Pratt updated his Facebook status to brag of a well-earned getaway:

“Chilling right now – at The Venetian Las Vegas,” DeJuan Pratt posted on his Facebook page Sunday afternoon, authorities say.

But what did he do to get there?

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1 Comment

  1. zobop republic on September 27, 2012 at 11:52 am

    This story is right out of the Twilight Zone!
    I want to see the psychology report on this one.