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Mimi Faust Says ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Experience Was Terrible

Mimi Faust Says Being on ‘Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’ Was Terrible 

Although she seemed to enjoy her time in the spotlight, a ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ star is revealing that her time on the reality show was much more than she bargained for. Mimi Faust, who was blasted for sticking with the ever so slimy Stevie J, called in this week to Street Disciplez Radio. While interviewing with the station a candid Faust confessed that her time on the VH1 program was far from enjoyable. “I didn’t enjoy the experience because it was a surprise to me. […] It was terrible, it was absolutely awful,” she said.


She also denied claims that she stood idly by with a man that openly cheated on her on national television. “I didn’t stick with anything, that’s what people don’t know,” said Faust. “Because you guys saw us at the park doesn’t mean I stuck with him. That was me agreeing to go to counseling and me agreeing to sit down with him,” Mimi explained.

Before this week’s revelation Faust went off on her detractors in an angry rant video. “All you motherf—— b—— talking s— about my situation, get the f— outta here,” she said. “You act like I’m the only b—- that’s been cheated on, all you motherf—– b—– been cheated on. All y’all!”

Listen to Mimi talking her “terrible” reality tv experience below. -danielle canada