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The Bikini Basketball League Coming Soon to an Arena Near You

What will they think of next?

Too late — they already have thought of it, and you know it was just a matter of time. Ladies and gentlemen, we present the Bikini Basketball League. Yes, there is a league of scantily clad women who actually have skills with the rock.

Thus far, the league consists of seven teams — the Chicago Desire, the Orlando Lady Cats, the Miami Spice, the Los Angeles Ice, the Hollywood Hotties, the New York Knockouts and the Atlanta Fleet Angels. According to the BBL officials, tryouts have already taken place in the different cities, and the league plans to commence with their inaugural season the summer of 2013.

“This is a competitive basketball league, so we are definitely looking for girls that can really play,” Miami Spice rep explained to the Miami New Times (Miami is the site of current tryouts). “It is also a bikini league in which the girls will be playing basketball in bikinis, so looking good in a bikini is a must.”

The Lingerie Football League has been going strong for multiple years, so there is definitely an audience for buxom women engaging in … uhhh … “professional” sports. We don’t know how the other professional leagues, particularly the WNBA, will feel about going head-to-head with the BBL, but we shall soon find out.

Below are some promotional pictures for your viewing … ahem … athletic pleasure.

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