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A-list Celebrities Who Were Once Homeless

Michael Corleone was once homeless?!? Not him but the man who played him, Al Pacino, later became a legend through “The Godfather” and “Scarface” films.

Some of you may believe that you have reached the absolute bottom when you become homeless — or worse, that there is no overcoming it when you”ve fallen so far.

But the following testimonies by the biggest stars in the world serve as powerful examples that, not only can you overcome such a situation, that you can use the bottom as a launching pad to take you straight to the top.

Take a look at the list of A-list Celebrities who were once homeless before going on to become the best of their industries.

Tupac Shakur:

This son of a Black Panther Party revolutionary was not only reared homeless, he was practically born in jail. His Panther Party mother was jailed and on trial for allegedly scheming to blow up several New York landmarks with her Black Panther comrades. She was acquitted just before he was born. But with the demise of the Panthers and her inability to find work because of her radical affiliation, she fell into depression and admitted drug use and the family temporarily had to live in and out of homes and shelters during his childhood.

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