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Twitter Sex Scandal Shakes Up Detroit Police Department; Chief Resigns

Police Chief Godbee resigns over sex scandal.

A Detroit Police Department Internal Affairs officer, Angelica Robinson, who is married, was apparently heartbroken when her married lover, Chief Ralph Godbee, was attending a police conference with another woman.

And so she vented on Twitter, by posting a photo of herself with a gun in her mouth.

Scandal: Police chief’s alleged mistress tweets a photo with a gun in her mouth.

The shocking photo set off a chain of events: Robinson temporarily lost access to her gun, and Mayor Dave Bing suspended Chief Godbee for 30 days as the department tried to sort out the mess. Officer Robinson’s attorney David Robinson confirmed to reporters that Robinson and Godbee were in a sexual relationship that Robinson ended.

“There was a sexual relationship between my client and Godbee,” Robinson said. “She was trying to end the relationship, and Godbee didn’t want to let it go.” The attorney’s position doesn’t explain why Robinson posted the damning images on Twitter, as if she had been dumped, however. Officer Robinson has since returned to work (not Internal Affairs) with gun privileges reinstated.

Today, Chief Godbee resigned, without pressure from the mayor’s office, and, although still married, he filed for divorce back in August.

An ironic twist to this sordid tale of a workplace affair gone wrong is that former Detroit Police Chief Godbee was tapped for the job in 2010 after Mayor Bing fired Chief Warren Evans for his sexual affair with Lt. Monique Patterson.

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