Why Bald Celebrities Are the Most Powerful in Hollywood

Steve Harveyis a syndicated radio host, talk show host, philanthropist, and author of a New York Times Bestseller,  “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,” that begot a box office hit of the same name. 

Onscreen and behind the scenes, bald men are running the show in Hollywood, and perhaps a recent study can explain why: bald men are considered to be powerful.

University of Pennsylvania Researcher Albert Mannes and his team conducted three experiments: In the first experiment, 60 volunteers viewed several photos of men in similar attire, but with various hairstyles. In that experiment, bald men were perceived to be more powerful.


Steve Harvey

In the second experiment, volunteers viewed a photo of a man with hair and the same man shown bald with digital technology; again the bald man was perceived to be powerful. And in the final experiment, the volunteers were asked to describe a man of power, and he was more likely to be bald.

Perception is reality when it comes to Hollywood’s most powerful bald men. Check them out.

Zondra Hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

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