Celebrity Fragrances: What’s Selling and What’s Collecting Dust on Shelves

Celebrity Fragrances: What's Selling and What's Collecting Dust on Shelves

Celebrities trying to have multiple streams of income can be a bit annoying! To be honest, I think we are over the whole celebrity perfume phase. Celebrities have people in their ears, always trying to entice them to try new projects, when they really need to be focused on their true talents and leave other things alone.

I was recently in a department store smelling fragrances when the saleslady said to me that most of the time celebrity fragrances don’t even sell that well. I was shocked when she told me that! She said lots of the uniquely designed bottles just sit on the shelves and collect dust! Then you have fragrances that do sell well like Sean John, Usher and Rihanna’s new fragrance, Nude.

Click continue to check out whose fragrances are doing great, while others aren’t doing so well.

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