Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur: How Attained Success


Stivers doesn’t thread brows, she has master threaders on staff for that. “You must have Indian ladies; India is where threading hair removal was perfected.”

The self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur” (this is Stivers’ fourth successful business), says that she launches businesses to suit a need.

“I am a serial entrepreneur. I think of things and it’s all for selfish reasons to service myself,” Stivers quips. “I bring along my friends and some paying clients and voila!”

Executing the vision takes hard work, however. “The challenge is being there and staying put.”

We’ve evolved; we’re almost in our third year and it goes back to the basics where they say it takes about two years for the business to really catch on and succeed, and the second year was really a turning point for us.”

For Stivers,”staying put” entails constantly learning about her business, she reads Beautiful Brows, and educates herself on the latest global eyebrow trends.  The entrepreneur has also made adjustments, from placing additional signage on her huge picture windows to restructuring the service fees, (now just $15 for threading), that has paid off well with the customers. A bonus is that Thredz’s customers often flock to Yelp to post high ratings about the service.

Stivers shares her recipe for launching your own business: “Follow your passion,” she states.  “You have to do something that you enjoy doing and that is fun for you. Do your research, and make sure you are a master at what you decide to do.”

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