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Curvy Women Making a Comeback! Does Size Really Matter Anyway?

Yay, we are so excited to announce that women with curves are making a comeback in a major way! From Queen Latifah playing in Steel Magnolias to up-and-coming actress Bre’lin Evans acting in Sparkle, we are seeing more and more curvacious women in film,magazine covers, on TV shows and more! I give it up to these ladies who won’t get sucked into quick weight loss surgeries, rigorous workout sessions and more just to fit into that Hollywood size 2 standard of life. When we asked men on the streets what do they prefer: More men picked a curvy woman over a stick with no meat on her bones with a landslide of votes.  These women show their real curves and are proud of it. Isn’t it all about talent anyway? Check out these fabulous and voluptuous celebrity women that are making a stance with their true sizes in Hollywood and not afraid to show it!

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