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Horoscopes: Astrologists Predict Capricorn Blue Ivy’s Future

Blue Ivy’s Career

Astrologists determine that Blue Ivy will be born into the spotlight, but she may not be a performer.

Celebrity astrologist Kelli Fox notes that Blue Ivy will make solid financial decisions and will have her own money: “You have solid business sense and can be a real money magnet. You are hardworking; you strive for practical results and have confidence in yourself and your ability to make your own way in life.”

Kiki T. says that Blue Ivy, born in the glare of the camera, probably won’t be a performer. “Being that she is a capricorn though, she will have an entrepreneurial spirit, in which her father will be proud. Not to say she won’t want to take to the stage, but she’ll likely be more about the business of wheeling and dealing than just being a performer.”

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