Do you consider yourself a role model, or is that something that you don’t want any part of?
I don’t really consider myself a role model, but there are people that tell me I’m their role model. And you know what, I will accept that, and I will take it with pride. I’m grateful if anyone wants to consider me a role model. But I always want people to be better than me … if I’m doing something that you want to do in life and you feel like I’m doing good at it, that’s great … just do it better.

Is that a conversation that you have with your kids? Do you push them to be better than you?
Definitely, because it’s very important. I tell them all the time, ”if you see somebody doing something good, strive to do it just as good or better.”

DeWayne Rogers

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  • Lauryn Doll

    Love this article. So Team TINY.

  • Really?

    I like her. Unassuming and confident. Two great qualities.
    I also like them as a couple and as parents.

  • Sheila Zyan’s Mom

    Tameka you are such a inspiration to women in the south