Jessica Simpson’s Father, Joe Simpson Has New Look — and New Boyfriend?

Jessica Simpson's Father, Joe Simpson Has New Look — and New Boyfriend?
Bryce Chandler Hill, a model, is accused of accelerating the end of Joe Simpson’s 34-year marriage. Simpson recently revealed that he is gay. Gossip blogs are on fire with the latest rumblings concerning the recent reveal that Jessica and Ashlee Simpson’s father,             Joe, is gay.

The National Enquirer outed Joe Simpson, 54, and reported that Simpson’s sexual orientation was at the root of his breakup with Tina Simpson, his wife of 34 years. Late Sunday night, Bryce Chandler Hill, 21, a young model with frosted blonde highlights, was rumored to be the man in the middle. Tina filed for divorce in September 2012.

Joe Simpson has not confirmed that Bryce is his boyfriend, and Bryce Tweeted that the story is “not true.” However, his famous daughters are not taking the recent turn of events well.

A close source told Radar, “Jessica’s been trying to process the information slowly, but she’s having difficulty dealing with it. She can’t understand why Joe stayed married to Tina for so long, and can’t help wondering how much of their life was a lie.”

Jessica Simpson's Father, Joe Simpson Has New Look — and New Boyfriend?
Bryce is 33 years younger than Joe Simpson, and the blogs are having a field day!

According to multiple reports,  the news of their parents’ pending divorce, their father’s alleged double life, and now rumors of such a young new lover are just unbearable, says a family friend of Jessica and Ashlee, who said the whole situation “has come about in a way that seems so tawdry.”

Hollywood insiders are scratching their heads about why the Simpson sisters and/or their mother Tina did not suspect that Joe was gay or bisexual long before now. Nevertheless, Jessica Simpson reportedly supports her mother and father through this time. Her father is also her manager.

For his part, Joe Simpson has unveiled a new look that clearly indicates that he’s ready to move on. Take a look!

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