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Q Parker’s Stepdaughter Accused of Brutally Beating Reality Show Co-Star

Kahdijiha Rowe Accused of Assault on ‘Big Rich Atlanta’ 

A star of an Atlanta based reality show is making headlines today now that her costar is accusing her of a brutal assault. Kahdijiha Rowe, the stepdaughter of Q Parker of 112, is set to star in Style network’s reality show “Big Rich Atlanta” documenting her life as a wealthy socialite. The show also stars Ashlee Wilson Hawn, a 28-year-old aspiring model with whom she apparently butts heads.

Ashlee Wilson Hawn

According to RadarOnline who spoke directly with a show insider, the discourse between Hawn and Rowe reached a fever pitch this month when Rowe attacked the model during her birthday party at an Atlanta club. “Kahdijiha was sticking her fingers in the birthday cake and was destroying it,” the insider told Radar. “So Ashlee went up to her and said: ‘Why would you do that?’ Kahdijiha got irate and started screaming at Ashlee calling her a b—- and a motherf—- and saying: ‘I’m gonna kick your a–’.”

“Ashlee was two feet from her and that’s when Kahdijiha lunged, grabbed her ponytail and pulled it all the way down,” the source added. “She ripped off the left side of Ashlee’s dress, pulled her hair out and dragged her along the ground.”

The insider then added that a friend of Hawn’s had to pry Rowe’s fingers from the starlet one by by one because she simply refused to let go. Hawn has since refused to return to the show while Rowe continues with filming.

Rowe and her stepfather, Q Parker

Since the incident producers have reportedly asked Hawn to waive her right to a lawsuit. The model has since refused and recently spoke out on the incident via Twitter. “Bullying is not ok and promoting a bully is worst [sic]! Stand up for what is right NOW! #bully #hate #love #antihate.” She has since sent in pictures of her injuries to Radar.

Check out the reported handiwork of Q Parker’s stepdaughter below. Did she take things too far? -danielle canada

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  1. SherriEtienne on November 1, 2012 at 10:16 am

    Oh yeah, F*ck a lawsuit, her azz needs to go to jail!!!

  2. Jamie on November 3, 2012 at 8:29 pm

    Violence on any front such as this is just intolerable. There is always such media hype behind white on black crimes but this is a huge black woman on a petite tiny model that appears to have done nothing more but show up to her birthday party to be ravaged by a wild animal. I have many black friends and have discussed this topic thoroughly with all of them. The unanimous concensous is these shows that promote such violence are choosing these types of people that not only misrepresent the true integrity of the black race but also undermines the look we want to portray in our great state of Ga. I hope this woman is prosecuted to the FULL extent of the law and am baffled and truly amazed that she would attack an innocent woman so violently while all on film. She belongs in a prison cell.