• god daughter

    Bambi is the TRUTh! Its refreshing to see a beautiful strong sister keep it real and driving in her own lane. God bless you sister!

  • god daughter

    Any body know where Laura’ man and kids @. Cuz she obviously dont have a life how she on Jackie heels… get s life.

  • Tammy

    Bambi keeps it real. And shes a real joy 2 watch. She just called laura out 4 actin like a bully towards jackie. Now thats a real female on reality tv. Alot of people need 2 take tips. And shes very pretty.

  • Ali

    All these women need to get a life. They are all very childless. And unprofessional

  • SuperiorSuperWoman/SuperMom

    To all of u hoes thats saying that bambi is pretty and keeps its so real u hoes must be ugly and messy just like her……That bitch is not pretty and she is a shit starter…..She ugly as fuck and she talks like a 5yr old and is dumb as fuck…….I hate fake birdbrain lost bitches all yall hies fake and lost

    • http://twitter.com/1LoveLove 1Love Love

      Thats exactly how i feel.

  • DD

    Bambi is a hot mess. Since when were oversized gums, an ugly weave, a giant body and an ugly attitude in? Bambi is sloppy and not as clever as she thinks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001360835357 Olympia Alexiou

    Bambi is head to toe HIDEOUS, I thought she was a tranny. Her tats are nasty, not sexy or glam. Bambi is gutter trash. She is jealous that Gloria & Laura are beautiful. Bambi cannot rap nor sing, has anyone ever heard of Bambi before? She is pissed off that Gloria has something that she won’t ever have, the possibility of a career. She is so ghetto, what is with this “popping” and “shimmer” is she sixteen? Her makeup looks as cheap as her hair. God the show is going down hill fast.